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Employment law services for employees specialist employment law advice from an experienced lawyer negotiating settlement agreement or compromise agreements unfair dismissal redundancy discrimination whistleblowing
employment law unfair dismissal redundancy settlement agreement compromise agreement contract of employment
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Employee Services

If you work for someone else, there are times when you may need specialist employment law advice

Employee Services

If you work for someone else, there maybe times when you need specialist employment law advice.

Carmel Sunley offers advice on your employment rights including assistance in the following areas:

  1. Negotiating a new contract of employment with restrictive covenants and lengthy notice periods
  2. Facing a disciplinary hearing and/or raising a grievance
  3. Bullying, stress at work and/or unlawful discrimination claims
  4. Redundancy
  5. Disability discrimination and ill health claims
  6. Whistle blowing
  7. Negotiating exit packages
  8. Settlement (Compromise) Agreements
  9. Bringing a complaint to the Employment Tribunal
  10. Mediation in the workplace


“Carmel acted on my behalf and because of her excellent advice I achieved a high value settlement. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs expert guidance and advice.”

David Whamond, Senior Independent Marine Consultant

“Carmel Sunley has very ably assisted me through a legal problem with a number of very difficult aspects to it. She carefully, and very patiently, explained the implications, her proposals and results of our agreed actions in layman’s terminology while remaining mindful of my views and concerns. Carmel’s prompt and efficient responses resulted in a very successful outcome to my case for which she has been blessed with my custom since. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ms Sunley”

Pat Breslin, Regional Organiser, Unite the Union

“From my experience of the help she gave in preparing and then presenting a case concerning a claim for unfair dismissal of a member of my family, I am pleased to recommend Carmel Sunley as capable, conscientious and considerate. At the Tribunal it was clear that Carmel had prepared her legal arguments well and argued them powerfully as well as briefing my relative and I as to the court procedures and how to handle hostile cross-examination I felt that Carmel showed professionalism and both compassion and sympathy for the emotional stress the case caused from beginning to end”

Brian Turner, former Deputy Head of Kings College Canterbury Kent

“It is stressful confronting a conflict with an employer, faced with the uncertainty of its outcome but Carmel’s measured and confident approach reassured me enormously and with her expertise, I achieved the outcome I wanted.”

Susan McMackin

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